How entrepreneurs can create actionable personas

Photo originally by Christian Buehner on Unsplash. Edited by Dayton O’Donnell

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, edupreneur, course creator/coach, agency owner, etc… Buyer personas are one of the most powerful tools in marketing at all levels.

They help focus your company efforts and tailor your content, offers, and messaging to your audience’s wants and needs. However, personas are often overlooked or carried out incorrectly. This post will help you understand personas on a deep/deeper level, then show you how to create them without wasting time on the wrong research.

As a note, I’m going to explain all the pieces that go into your personas and it’ll look like a long mess of…

A Poem

Photo by Anastasia Dulgier on Unsplash

Oh, the infamous Zodiac blogger
who foretells of life and love
by the glittering stars above;
who lays out the horoscopes
to lift trodden people’s hopes
and dreams into some cloud
whose rain would, surely,
never spill atop a parade.

That stupid Zodiac blogger
who touts eons and eons
of galactic wisdom
packed into ten-minute reads;
who gives a percentage match
between two signs as old as math;

who gave Aquarius and Taurus
a measly 14% chance
of ending up together.
And if I have this right,
the reason being that an air fish
isn’t compatible with a ground bull?

Photo by Chris Slupski on Unsplash

That day — funny how some days pick at you. Work at your sanity like someone untying a mess of knots. Plucking all the other strings and strands out, leaving just a single line. A single thought. One exposed, leaving you no choice but to follow wherever it leads.

Fuck him for what he did; Patrick Murray, that goofy, slug-faced, walking pocket protector. I remember him coming up to me in the hallway that day.

“I made a breakthrough,” He’d said, shaky, smelling of booze and body odor. “One so large it’ll flip science on its head. Bigger than Rutherford’s…

A Poem

Photo by Holly Chisholm on Unsplash

Things glob together
and make something
bigger than themselves.

That’s pretty much
how life works.

Atoms glob up
to make a molecule.
Molecules glob up
to make compounds,
which glob up to make
whatever it is they
choose to make.

And eventually, those whatever-globs
glob up to make nicer-looking globs
like rocks or light sockets,
or people
who take those rocks and
those light sockets
and glob them together
into things like buildings.

Those globbed-together buildings,
again, glob together to make towns,
which you guessed it, glob together
to make cities, and those cities
glob up into states connected by
roads that deliver globbed-up…

My rundown of the two main grammar-checking A.I.s (updated 2021)

Photo by Jem Sahagun on Unsplash
This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. I may receive compensation when you click on links to those products.

We live in the future. Simple as that.

Whether you’re writing the copy for your website or landing pages, coming up with social posts, or blogging, you should be utilizing some kind of artificial intelligence to help your grammar and style.

Que Grammarly and Pro Writing Aid.

[You can follow the above Pro Writing Aid link to receive 20% off any pricing tier]

There are more, but these are the two heavy-hitters that I have…

A Poem

Photo by taylor hernandez on Unsplash

On the couch,
I watched the news today
and found it hard to breathe.

Well-meaning newscasters
took their iron politics
and grabbed my throat
like a vice, pinching it shut.
And, if that wasn’t enough,
they pinned my arms down
with news of the pandemic
and blinded me with flashes
of frantic red and blue.

Then, with intentions of gold
worn like badges fastened
on their tv-ready lapels,
they burnt my lungs with
fiery words that tasted plastic,
melting my stomach at every mention
of some new depressing story.

For that tiny moment,
I couldn’t breathe.
Even with my yummy sushi
and my…

A Poem

Photo by Aidan Formigoni on Unsplash

On one fine day, I woke to see my fate.
As strange a thing it seemed for me to see,
the shock was doubly so for fate, indeed.
Not used to being seen, he meant to flee,
but once we had a chat we came to find,
that one of us was gravely far from free.

“I hate my job,” my fate began to bark.
“Day in, day out I work your life away!
And why? It seems a silly thing to do.
When out there somewhere is a crystal bay
With fish and sun and trees awaiting me. …

A Poem

Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash

Those granite counters
lay still and heavy
while you chat around them,
and people comment,
“Did they cost a fortune?”

Then they inevitably add,
“You must be doing well.”

The next order of business
is to discuss the weight;
how heavy it must have been to lift;
how hard it was to pick the
appropriate width and
length that would show
all the folks who visit
on rare occasion
that you’re “doing well”.

But what about your smile?

They never ask
how heavy that is;
how hard it is to lift everyday;
how much it cost,
a unique smile
such as that…

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