Know exactly what to write on your website

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I never know what to write on my website”, then you’re likely just missing the following four concepts. Even if your grammar sucks, you flunked English, or you hate writing, you can write convincing copy, and these will help.

1. There are three elements of marketing clarity

Your website and its copy…

How entrepreneurs can create actionable personas

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, edupreneur, course creator/coach, agency owner, etc… Buyer personas are one of the most powerful tools in marketing at all levels.

They help focus your company efforts and tailor your content, offers, and messaging to your audience’s wants and needs. However, personas are often overlooked or carried…

Dayton O'Donnell

Yo! I’m a freelance copywriter who LOVES all things creative. Check out my site to get a sense of what I can write for you.|

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